Adding custom fields to Webform - Using the Webform API

I had a recent project where I used the Webform module to create a form for a client. We decided to use Webform in case they wanted to create additional forms in the future and so that they could more easily track submissions and make changes to the form, etc. There are some nice additions to the 3.x branch of Webform including the API. You can add dynamic fields to your form that are populated with data that lives either in the Drupal site, or ostensibly elsewhere by utilizing the Webform hooks.

Putting views into site-specific modules

When moving back and forth between development and production on database driven websites, you begin to realize that using SQL dumps to accomplish replication of your development changes can get ugly very quickly. For smaller changes you can manually replicate the changes, but that requires remembering each and every (successful) step you did in development, and recreating those steps in the appropriate order in production so as to integrate the new changes with no or very little disruption to the end user.

My new love affair with Git

Recently, within the last six months or so, I discovered and started using Git. Git is a distributed version control system that allows you to keep a local version of your project and push and merge changes to a centralized repository. There are other workflows, but so far I've only used a centralized version model since I'm typically working by myself on the projects I do. There are dozens of reasons to love Git, and I thought I'd share a few.

1. Local copies of your repository

Installing Aegir and problem solving

I'd heard of The Aegir hosting system back in March when I went to Drupalcon DC. I didn't attend any of the workshops for it, but when I ran across a mention of its merits recently after installing Drush on a Linode VPS I thought installing it would be a good opportunity to improve my server setup/admin skills and ease the management of all of the Drupal sites I maintain.

Drupalcon Paris

I'm headed to Drupalcon Paris in September, with a brief stop right before in Amsterdam. This will be my first trip to Europe, and I'm looking forward to meeting some Drupalers from Europe. If you'll be there, I'll see you there!

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